An On-chain Artificial Life Manifesto

This experiment about artificial life may be nothing.

The exploration of the essence of life is an endless journey, one that many experts and scholars have dedicated their lives to. In the midst of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the approaching singularity, it is urgent and practical to consider how to make the art of being human.

We believe that life is a behavior, not a substance. Life is composed of simple behaviors, not simple substances. Therefore, we can ignore the influence of matter and abstract the logic that controls life. Life can exist in cells, in memory, and even on blockchain.

We are not alone. For decades, the study of artificial life has attracted the participation of many scientists. It represents the ultimate challenge of using computer programs and algorithms to create life-like systems. It has the potential to refresh our understanding of complex biological processes, test evolutionary theory, and create new forms of life. Artificial life and artificial intelligence are different paths to the same goal, with the only difference being that artificial life is used to simulate the basic biological mechanisms of evolution and life itself, while artificial intelligence is used to simulate thought processes. Although they are different, they are both cutting-edge research directions in computer science, providing us with opportunities to deepen our understanding and explore the nature of life.

Based on our understanding of composability, we believe that NFT is one of the best media for building artificial life. Therefore, we have decided to create a fully on-chain artificial life simulation gameโ€”Cellula. We believe that emergence is the core feature of life. Therefore, that's why we entrust you with full creative freedom and encourage you to explore new forms of life and produce unique works by unleashing your imagination and ingenuity during the creative process.

We will define the interaction between cells based on the rules of Conway's Game of Life and let them evolve autonomously on blockchain. By abstracting the logic that controls life from this process, players may be able to create a completely new form of life. When players interact with cells and observe unpredictable new global features, we will witness the phenomenon of life emerging! As we know, life on Earth has also experienced countless emergencies. Therefore, the Cellula game will provide a more interesting and engaging way to promote players' cultivation and evolution of artificial life, while advancing our understanding of this fascinating field.

Cellula will not just be a game. It will be a collaborative platform that explores and evolves artificial life in a decentralized form, with researchers, computer scientists, engineers, artists, educators, and others from around the world. By doing so, we hope to inspire a new generation of innovators to push the boundaries of possibility, reveal the secrets of artificial life, and unleash a new era of innovation and discovery.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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